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Remote Support - What's New?

There are dozens of sites that have a system of remote support available for their customers to remotely access and control computer desktops through the web. Many of the new est have a commonality among them. That common feature is that they sell a simple executable (windows program) that have your computer's ip address or host-name built into them. So many new site are offering this type of program for PC remote support and as remote PC support software. They offer some branding and they are essentially done with you, except that some charge for support in addition to the PC remote support program and even other will charge for changes in that program when even within a short amount of time.

What's New with Remote Support?

What's new is a better way. I have to admin that the best way is not having to configure any computer addresses or even worry about this type of program but a better approach is to have a more dynamic program that can be changed by the user as they need to make changes. Let's say for example a tech support person buys one of those program that build an exe and sells them for remote support, then their computer or computer network changes. What then? They have to buy another program to match their new network and or computer.

Remote tech support software 

Many of these programs work well and there are many success stories to go along with them but in the end they are a static program that cannot change in a computer tech support software world that is evolving and changing by the minute. One of the greatest examples of what can happen to even a major computer and computer support services corporation is of course what happened to IBM back not to long ago. They didn't change rapidly enough and almost lost it all. Software is being updated every day. Computer networks are very volatile to change as well. Tech support and remote tech support software has to evolve and change along with these changes.